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Beauty, Butterflies, and an Unforgettable Bride

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to the new Seventh Avenue Beauty blog! Here we will share all things SAB. From tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions to fun stories, team member spotlights and everything in-between. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let us tell you a little bit more about our team and what we do!

Seventh Avenue Beauty is a full-service beauty team based in Phoenix, Arizona (however we do LOVE to travel!). We have a team full of talented hair and makeup artist ready to glam you up for any occasion. Our boss babe CEO Courtney has been in the beauty industry for 16 years and over the past 10 years has grown SAB into the amazing team we are today. We are licensed, insured, and published, along with being featured in Phoenix Bride & Groom, Borrowed & Blue, So Scottsdale! Magazine and many more!

In the spirit of Easter we wanted to share one of our favorite stories from a Sedona bride that touches our heart and hope that'll touch yours on this special day.

"So we were heading up to Sedona, SHOCKER! My home away from home, but this time it was SNOWING! Once we went into the room where the bridal party was getting ready we started setting up. Everything was going fine until one of the bridesmaids pointed out that one of our artist was standing in a puddle of water. We all just thought that someone spilt it but no, it was leaking into the room from the ceiling! From that moment on it caused the chaos of deciding to call maintenance, possibly moving rooms, have to move everything in the snow. We really had to play everything by ear and pray that he ceiling didn't fall on us which needless to say was definitely keeping us on our toes. Of course the weather couldn't be consistent either, it would go from sunny to snowing off and on the whole time we were there. At this point the photographer is already there, hair and makeup is already done, basically moments before they had to head out, they were running out of time and needed to make the call, if the were going to keep everything outside and hope the weather cleared up, or move everything inside. The florist and the planner were at the ceremony sight, basically waiting to get the final call from bride. They were running out of time and they needed an answer, so the bride decides to move everything inside since the snow started really coming down. Moments later she change her mind and decides to set everything up outside. While glamming the bride she told me about her daughter who had passed away and the significance of butterflies for her, how they made her feel like her daughter was there with her. We really bonded over the love of butterflies and the loss of our loved ones. About a week later a notification that someone tagged @seventhavebeauty in a picture on Instagram popped up. As I opened up the picture a wave of emotions overcame me. It was the Sedona bride getting married OUTSIDE, in the SUN, not a cloud in sight! The fact that the sun was out and shinning was sign from God and her daughter, that they were both there with her and blessing her with her moment... at the alter in front of the Sedona red rocks!" - Courtney, Owner of Seventh Avenue Beauty

As we reflect back onto that story and experience, we are remind that God works in some amazing ways, will always provide for us, and our loved ones will always be there even after we can no longer see them. So on this Easter weekend remember to count your blessings and that God is good ALL THE TIME. No matter how stressed, no matter how chaotic, no matter how bad things may seem GOD IS GOOD ALL TIME AND IS ALWAYS THERE.

Photographer: @robertgodridgephoto_azrealtor

Hair & Makeup Artist: @seventhavebeauty @50shadesofartistry @hairby.becka_

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