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Boudoir Packages 

Bride Boudoir Arizona Photographer

Tease Me

For the client that wants to try out boudoir

1 outfit change

Up to 1-hour session

5 digital images

Hair and Makeup included.

Price: $850

This is the ideal package for the bride-to-be that wants to give her future spouse a little gift for their eyes only.

Up 2 outfits

Up to 1.5-hour session

10 digital images

Hair and makeup included.

Price: $1150

Bride and Boujee


50 Shades of Seduction

This package is for anybody that wants to feel sexy, and confident, and capture that moment.

Up 2 outfits

 up to 1.5-hour session 

10 digital images

Hair and makeup included.

Price: $1150


Femme Fetale

The Package for the woman that wants it all!

3 outfits

2nd hair and makeup 

15 digital images

hair and makeup included.

Price: $1450

photos photographer anniversary gift   Sexy Boudoir photoshoot professional studio wedding

Bride and Boujee

Discounts & Add-ons

  • Get $50 off if you use your Airbnb

  • Book a boudoir session and get $50 off your wedding day travel fee

  • Add on an additional outfit and 3 additional edits for $150

*No additional time added

  • Add on for pool photos, these will be shot at the end of the session with an additional 10-15 minutes 


Photoshoot times may vary. Photoshoot time will end once the photographer has got enough usable images up to that max time.

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